High pressure gasket for special applications. Suitable for use with strong alkali medias and steam at higher temperatures as well as to oils,gases, salt solutions, fuels, alcohols,organic and inorganic acids,hydrocarbons, lubricants andrefrigerants. Premium material gradewith very high stress retention.

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There are many factors which must be taken into account when choosing a gasket material for a given application including temperature, pressure and chemical compatibility. Please refer to the information given in our brochure or, for advice to our software program KLINGER®expert.If you have any questions regarding the suitability of material for a given application please contact Klinger Technical Department.

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The selection of gaskets requires expertise and know-how since ever greater reliability coupled with the lowest possible leakage rates are demanded of gasket materials.The exacting demands made onthe tightness of gasket materials (e.g.Tightness class L0.01) mean that with increasing internal pressure higher surface pressures must be applied to the gasket.It must be shown that the flange joint will tolerate the demands made on it without being mechanically overloaded. Furthermore, the surface pressure applied to create the seal should never fall below the required minimum value since this will reduce the life of the gasket.

Highly stressed,but not overstressed gaskets have a longer life than understressed gaskets. If the gasket fitted will be subjected to non-static loading, or will suffer stress fluctuations during discontinuous operation, it is advisable to choose a gasket which is not prone to embrittlement with increasing temperature (e.g. KLINGERgraphite laminate or KLINGERtop-chem), especially for steam and/or water applications.


High pressure gasket for universal applications. Suitable for use with oils, water, steam, gases, salt solutions, fuels, alcohols, moderate organic and inorganic acids, hydrocarbons, lubricants and refrigerants,food industry. Outstanding performance in many applications.

Download Spesifikasi : KLINGERSIL C-4400


Important points to be observed With heightened awareness of safety and environmental issues, reducing leaks from flanged assemblies has become a major priority for industry. It is therefore important for companies who use gaskets to choose the correct material for the job and install and maintain it correctly to ensure optimum performance.